Tuesday, 16 May 2017



Everyone eats food. Some people eat lots of fruit and vegetables, others may eat more or less meat, and some people may eat healthy, but others do not. All of it is related to nutrition.Nutrition is the process of how people get the food that is needed to grow strong and healthy along with obtaining the necessary vitamins and nutrients to help bodies grow and function.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

recount about sailing

Thursday 6th April

WALT: write a structured recount and reflect on what we have learnt.


On wednesday we went sailing  and it was at okahu bay  and we went there to learn how to sail  and when we got there have to get change into our togs then put on the suit then put on the life jacket on then we went by the water and lined up.

After that the 1st boat  went into the water then the 2nd boat went in then it went to 1st to last so when we all got in the water we have to follow reuben and gavin to the other side then when we all got of the boat we played a game.

When we played the game reuben told us how to play the game then he said “ two people have to get in the boat the other person have to lie down and the person with someone they have to hold on the sides and fall in the water” so all of us tried it then after all that we have to jump back in the boat and rubin  and gavin will take us back to the place we were in the beginning. Then after that we got change then had feed up stairs then miss puleate came and miss kelly came then we all left.